sábado, 19 de setembro de 2009


In dire need for truth
I won't prey tonight
I do need redemption
Not another lie
I long to feel, do you have what it takes?

A long road,
Adrift along the path
I crave for home
But forever I will wander
Yes, I do want to know you better

A safe step in the shore
I grab your hand, can't feel fear anymore
Is this the safety they told?
Is this the beginning?
There was no end, how could this begin?

In you I trust, in you I lay the sorrows I bare
Eternity it's never far enough
But my heart still dwells in darkness
Pain is my name,
Hope my disgrace

Can I rely on you?
Would you have the courage to follow
When my only choice is to fall?
Would you have strength to face your own fear?
Let me enter, I'm right here at the doorstep

Maybe there's still hope
Autumn comes sweet and swift
Winter will arrive but in your heart will always be summer


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