sexta-feira, 26 de março de 2010


I just fall asleep with your heartbeat
Your beauty dwells in me
I need your eyes to ignite the skies
Just hold my hand, I can understand

Finally I found you
I’ve searched for so long
Now I can rest, now I can taste the sweetness
Let me help you release the pain

Your face is my midnight sun
I drown in you, I let myself go
I’ll never let you fall
Just hold my hand, can you recall?

The sunshine, the beauty, the poetry
You’re my angel, my muse
This journey will never end
Let’s make it together my friend


1 comentário:

Narcolepsia disse...

I fall asleep holding your hand, knowing that, in you i can trust and now i can sleep in peace because there's an angel looking after me. sweet kiss


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