terça-feira, 28 de setembro de 2010


Why must you be so far away?
Why must I stay here all alone?
Mourning the death of the sun
Drowning in empty words
Cursed by a senseless delusion.

Why do I still cry?
Why do the day still seems bleak and dark?
Where did I made the first mistake?
Awaken by an angel
I rise to fall asleep again under oblivion's wings.

So I see myself clearly in the mirror
Who's that ghost, whose are thoses phantom eyes?
I crave for sanity,
But madness descends upon me like waves
Tell me love, why are you so far away?


1 comentário:

Narcolepsia disse...

"Pode a distância separar-te dos teus amigos? Se queres estar junto de alguém que amas, não te parece que já lá estarás?"

Richard Bach

love you


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