Times are shifting like moving sands, time is fading, becoming short, so little for so much things to do.
Still here we lay, praising all the things that blind, binded to empty words, collapsing actions, one by one our efforts to win only made us lose more.
So speak freely, do you want to walk forever blindly?
Abiding cowardly to empty promises of selfish ambition?
Where do love stays in the picture? Somewhere lost among the background shadows or at front, at the lightest spot of all?
You say, sometimes I hear carefully dispite you do not notice, you state that love is only an illusion, something created by a harmless and innocent mind, sometimes I laugh silently of your clear ignorance, short vision for someone of such greater ambitions.
So what do you aspire?
Do you aspire great glory? Blinded by faith you keep pushing towards the abyss...
Do you aspire fame? Blinded by the flashes you weep behind that beautiful mask...
Do you aspire peace? Yet your words and acts only bring war and suffering...
Do you aspire love? Drifting between empty feelings you look like a little boy looking to be alone...
Not of words, abitions or prides is a man made of.
Not of blinding faith or hateful prejudice.
Like Ghandi once said "An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind".
But we keep teaching otherwise to our children.
Tell me, did you ever loved someone? Speak freely, I'm not where to judge, I was made to listen not to judge, dispite the things I constantly hear I do no dare to make a judgement, that's your job. judge yourself.
But who I am for sure?
Sorryfully I do not know yet, my life as been a constant discovery, I search for my soul in what remains of my old self, I search among the ruins for my long lost dignity, I'm not divine not even evil, but I'm for sure human, dispite humanity lowering ratings.
So I love, I love you even when despair dares to crumble my believe, dispite hope is constlantly shattered by meaningless selfish intentions.
I love you even when I'm not awake, in the deep sleep of the night or in a brightful day of summer, I promise you that I love more each minute that passes.
And you, my so called loyal friend? Still silent?
I'm still here pretending to wait...



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