sexta-feira, 19 de novembro de 2010


Just holding on. One step aftar another, silently waiting for nothing real, just an imaginative thought left in the wind somewhere around something.
Just falling again and again. Bathing in lost tears I crave for something new, just keeping on believing, that one day the word will be spoken.
Just breeding despair. As if sadness would bring you back, as if death could be a valid solution.
I kneel at you feet facing our eyes, your tears run like fears, a river flooding and soaking my breath, I just stand still with your hands between my, so teel me love, are you really ready to let me go?
Remember, a dream it's just a dream if we insist in not living it, can we amend the past? Tell me, do you dare to try again?
The pain is only pain when we recall it, why not just forget? What else do you need? I'm standing right here like I always has been.
Eternity it's just a mirage, a false concept of unwilling happiness, forever it's just too long, a minute, a second, can change everything, do you dare to dream? All is what has meant to be, I'm only a shadow, by choice I lost myself in a broken mind, waiting for a collapse, waiting for your call...
Can it be?
I just saw a glimpse of faith in your eyes, while the cries wash all the lies between us, I saw you raising a smile, it can't be a mirage, truth blinds like a thousand needles pouring holes in my hollow skin, I rebirth from ashes to kiss you one more time, not the first not the last, still one to remember for now hope swims gently in your open arms.


How much beauty can you ask for?

"Turning Daisies"

How much beauty can you ask for?

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