It's a simple mistake not to live the life we earned. Let's live eager to feel, eager to hold, not afraid at all to lose.
Let's leave a mark somewhere, leave a mark in someone. let's go be, just be ouselves.
Don't drag you down anymore, the ground do not deserve you, rise your head high, don't be afraid of the burning sun.
Let's go enjoy the sunlight, push play for your favourite music, just let it flow, let it grown inside you, doesn't the world seem different when you look upon him from within?
That's a hole in your soul, we all feel it, your tears are unmistakable evidences, I do know you, despite you never seen me.
So this words collide, let them form a new poem, a new beginning, let's just be free, dreaming an eternal life, even knowing how fragile it can be.
Just take a chance, a step in the dark, sometimes beneath the shadows lays the most pure and honest beauty.
Life can have many meanings, life can have only one, but in the end it's always our choice to be free, don't let the sky fall on you.
Now I'm sure my love, now I'm sure that you came and putted all the lost pieces together, now I'm complete.


"Presence/A Simple Mistake"

One has to come to terms with one's own mortality.
And you can't really help people who are having problems with mortality,
If you've got problems of your own.
So you have to begin to sort things out,
And I thought I had sorted things out until I saw this excerpt from this book,
Of certainty I shall remember what it said:
"Life is not the opposite of death. Death is the opposite of birth. Life is eternal."
And I thought that it's the most profound words I have ever heard about that issue and it really put me in peace.
(I felt it was a wonderful story.)
And that's it.

What else is there to say?
Life is eternal.
Surely the opposite of life is not the death, but life is eternal.
There is no opposite.
And so, what happens is, I suppose,
(And isn't it a raging or outrageous)
State of pure consciousness, stillness and silence?

Yeah, what we are looking for now,
We are searching for and we have been searching for,
Now we've become closer it and now we know it's already there,
Is there for ever to seek,
It's there,
And it's going be there,
All the time,

Only you can hear your life
Only you can heal inside

(Life is eternal...)
Think for yourself you know what you need in this life
see for yourself and feel your soul come alive tonight
here in moments we share, trembling between the worlds we stare
out at starlight enshrined, veiled like diamonds in..
...time could be the answer, take a chance, lose it all
it's a simple mistake to make to create love and to fall
so rise and be your master you don't need to be a slave
of memory ensnared in a web, in a cage
I've found my way to fly free from the constraints of time
I have soared through the sky seen life far below in mind
breathed in truth, love, serene, sailed on OCEANS OF BELIEF
searched and found life inside, we're not just a moment in time...
....could be the answer, take a chance lose it all
it's a simple mistake to make to create love and to fall
so rise and be your master you don't need to be a slave
of memory ensnared in a web, in a cage


Narcolepsia disse…
Que boa forma de começar bem o mês de Março! Tu és o meu sol, posso ter a tua luz? ;) beijo

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