sábado, 30 de julho de 2011


Am I really here?
why is it so much space between us?

Memories keep filling the cracks
Our love once a strong wall now it's only debries
I try to solve this riddle
but somehow the past is keeping me locked

Are you really there?
why are you so far away?

I've lost me from myself somewhere in time
across the path I flooded my believes
why keep I drowning in the pain?
I must have known that is always the same

Will you really wait?
There's still time for hope?

I will come back down
Just stay seated there where dreams dwell
then we will laugh again
just like we did yesterday.


2 comentários:

Narcolepsia disse...

É um prazer esperar por ti :) beijinho

Indy disse...

Alguém disse, "a esperança move-nos" (TU) :) Espera, acredita e acontece! Beijinho*


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