Sunset Of Age

Just let me choke a little while... Can I?
The poison pours from my veins, cold and cruel, a silent weapon pointed towards my forehead, can you silence me any further?
Words gather around my throat, just cut deeper, your knife isn't sharp...
I unite forces around me, just a little more and I will taste justice, a silent void fills my head, will I be reborn?
Falling deeper, can you feel me there? Where the memory dwells and cries out for hope?
Can you feel me? I bleed death as blood drains hope...
Look at me as I look towards the sunset of age, craving for hope,craving for time, one last time, one last piece of joy...
What a beautiful song does your siren sing... she knows how life is short and brieve...
My mind was simply blown away, catch it if you can!



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