Drop by drop I watch my soul drip down to the crimson floor. That's my perdition they say, as if anyone can ever imagine what I've been through...
In the end I knew that I've lost myself before I lost you.
It's a fact, a cruel one, but nonetheless a fact, love isn't an emotion until we put all of us into it, not a tear left behind, not a breathe left aside, nothing. Love is all we are, period.
Based on this I now asure you that I don't know you a bit, who are you, left astray in my dreams? Who are you which name can't be spoken loud in the crowd?
Who am I to be in your list?
Even not knowing you at all, I know I love you,
It's a little bit stupid I know, but sometimes I know that you don't speak clearly, you speak in riddles, my heart pumps when I fortunately trip in one of those.
I recall saying my fellow companions, the shadow between the night and the dawn, that you're one of a kind, I confess I still say, but reality is a crude wake up call, how can I explain you the way I feel if we don't know each other, literaly.
How can I describe this unexplanable feeling that floods my soul when I see you?
How can anyone comprehend if no one it's couragous enough to open a mind to this kind of feeling?
I cherish in my lips your imaginy ones. I promise I can feel them, I really do....
If only I could have a chance to tell you...
My soul it's almost drained from my body and my heart fades in silence.
And you Luna, my only and true love, come get me at last, death awaits me for a long time.



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