Despite all the certainty do you think we're in control, my friend? Do you really think that feelings and emotions were made for be reasonable?
Think again.
Between the million human emotions that we can experience along our life, there's not even one reasonable, not even one.
See. We kill, we love, we breed cruelty every day, like we breed our kindred and strangely we adore to do just that.
It's all about control, mind control, it's impressive how we read, listen or talk and those simple actions could influence so many minds, even our own.
So we drive, unconscious of the danger, blinded by a million empty reasons, we forsake emotions.
And what do we win doing that king of stuff?
Nothing, I tell you friend, nothing at all.
Sometimes while we walk down the road we notice certain details, normally we observe beauty, but I ask you, what really means beauty?
Can you tell me?
Can you enlighten me?
If we follow society's standards we arrive at one conclusion, the majority is blind, simple as that, blindness disguised as enlightment, so we judge, we dare to judge.
We lurk in the shadows with predator eyes but with no prey to follow.
But happily we cast away the stone in our hands, we let it fall into the dust, the same dust that made us and for which we will return.
So I retain one simple thing when I look into my lover's eyes, I merely think of mortality, my mortality, is it life long enough to lose love and win regret?
I'm sure we don't born fearful, what made us fear ourselves so much?
Tell me friend...
Ah, like I expected, your silence gives you up...
So silence does reveal the truth.
Just like I suspected...
One more thing my friend, one last question, are you brave enough to hear this? Your screaming silence, can you face the fear, the truth?
Tell me that.

I promise I will pretend to believe you.



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